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The Maids

The maids are our partners in our everyday activities, knowing our habits and with a great level of intimacy with us and our families. They keep our homes organized and make our routine easier.

For you to easily choose the best maid for your home, Santa Marta team has a vast database with professionals and the best consultant at the time of your choice.

How to hire a maid in Curitiba:

Santa Marta's selective processes occurs with an initial resumes screening, candidates’ criminal records, interviews led by psychologists and others.

After this process, one of the Santa Marta's professionals invites the client to a second interview, along with the maid that most closely matches the profile described by the client.

This entire process occurs to ensure customer safety and professionalism at the time of hiring a maid in Curitiba and take her into your home or business place.

Daily rate Santa Marta

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